Art Institute of Fashion

It's a boarding school for teenagers who plan on getting into the fashion business.
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PostSubject: Curriculum   Fri May 21, 2010 12:42 am

In a comprehensive curriculum that includes classes and hands-on studio work, you’ll study fashion history, fabric production, and fabric styling. You’ll learn to analyze global fashion trends. You’ll take courses in computer-aided design (CAD) and learn to create multimedia digital presentations with video and sound.

You’ll develop the skills to:

make presentations and trend forecasts to industry
visually edit collections
create presentation boards and multimedia presentations
shop markets for trends and ideas
sell your ideas and concepts

Semester 1
FS 312 Research Techniques
FS 321 Fashion Knit Design
FS 331 Fabric Styling I
ID 322 Decorative Arts Survey
TD 312 Graphics for Textile Design I
TS 341 Survey of Textile Printing Tech.
SC 032 Color Science Laboratory
SC 332 Color and Light

Semester 2
FS 451 Color Combinations and Repeats
AR 301 Fashion Art for Textile Designers
BE 261 Starting a Small Business
ID 201 Color for Interiors
TD 412 Graphics for Textile Design II

Semester 3
FS 341 Fabrics In Fashion: 1860-Present
FS 431 Fabric Styling II
FS 432 CAD for Woven and Print Styling
FS 433 Digital Present. for Fabric Stylists
AC 111 Advertising and Promotion
PH 162 Photographic Styling

Semester 4
FS 424 Home Fashion Design
FS 453 Professional Presentation
TT 475 Textile Marketing
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