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It's a boarding school for teenagers who plan on getting into the fashion business.
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PostSubject: Curriculum   Fri May 21, 2010 2:06 am

The Interior Design curriculum promotes mastery of design techniques, proficiency in the latest technology, and development of the business and presentation skills required for a successful career. A firm foundation in the liberal arts is an integral part of the program.

Semester 1
ID 115 Interior Design Studio I
ID 121 Survey of Interior Design
ID 133 Presentation Techniques I
ID 157 Drafting for Interior Design
CG 111 Intro. to Computer Graphics
CD 113 Three-Dimensional Design
FA 141 Drawing I
EN 121 English Composition
HA 112 History of Western Art & Civ.

Semester 2
ID 116 Interior Design Studio II
ID 134 Presentation Techniques II
ID 158 Perspective Drawing
ID 253 AutoCAD I
FA 142 Drawing II

Semester 3
ID 212 Interior Design Studio III
ID 221 Interior Design: 1650-1850
ID 241 Lighting Design I
ID 243 Materials/Methods of Int. Const. I
ID 255 AutoCAD II
TS 122 Textile Principles for Int. Design

Semester 4
ID 214 Interior Design Studio IV
ID 222 Interior Design: 1850-1950
ID 254 Interior Design Working Drawings
ID 262 Professional Practice I
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