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It's a boarding school for teenagers who plan on getting into the fashion business.
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PostSubject: Curriculum   Fri May 21, 2010 12:03 am

The Advertising Design curriculum gives you the skills to develop your personal voice and communicate an idea verbally and visually. Advertising Design classes are complemented by Liberal Arts classes that give you a broad perspective to understand the cultural, psychological, and historical trends that influence advertising.

Semester 5
AD 381 Concept Dev. Workshop I
AC 231 Advertising Copywriting
CD 371 Advanced Typography I
CD 441 Broadcast Design
SS 334 The Psychology of Color

Semester 6
AD 382 Concept Dev. Workshop II
AD 383 Comm. Planning/Print Advert.
CD 322 Design Process Technology
CD 361 Professional Practices
CD 372 Advanced Typography II
GD 344 Graphic Design in Digital Media
EN 322 Prof. Writing in Art and Design

Semester 7
AD 442 TV Studio/TV Ad Concepts
AD 481 Art Direction
AD 494 Senior Design Project Research
DD 231 Production Techniques/Prepress
GD 401 Graphic Design for Advertising

Semester 8
AD 464 Senior Portfolio Design
AD 491 Internship
AD 495 Senior Design Project
AD 496 Advanced Ad Design Workshop
CD 442 Senior 3D Presentation Design
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