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It's a boarding school for teenagers who plan on getting into the fashion business.
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PostSubject: Curriculum   Fri May 21, 2010 12:37 am

The Direct and Interactive Marketing curriculum focuses on developing creative and business skills including:

database marketing
direct response copywriting
internet marketing
market research
media management

Semester 1
AC 272 Research Methods in IMC
DM 211 Workshop in Direct Marketing
EN 321 Business Writing
MA 222 Statistical Analysis*
SS 342 Microeconomics

Semester 2
DM 321 Database Marketing
DM 331 Direct Response Copywriting
MG 306 Info. Systems: Case Analysis
MA 311 Math Modeling/Business Apps

Semester 3
DM 421 DM Finance and Operations
DM 432 Direct Response Media Planning
PL 431 Philosophy: Ethics

Semester 4
DM 433 Direct Marketing Communications
IC 498 Senior Internship D: Career Planning
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