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It's a boarding school for teenagers who plan on getting into the fashion business.
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PostSubject: Curriculum   Fri May 21, 2010 2:46 am

The Menswear curriculum provides an education in the design, technical, and business aspects of the industry. In hands-on classes, you’ll explore your creativity, master the technology, and develop a professional portfolio.
The program exposes you to every phase of menswear, including:

fundamentals of textiles
computer-aided design (CAD)
marketing and sales

Semester 1
MW 131 Menswear Flat Patternmaking Design I
MW 141 Menswear Construction
MW 151 Menswear Design I
FA 107 Basic Design
IL 103 Illustrating the Male Figure
TS 111 Fundamentals of Textiles
HA 112 History of Western Art & Civ.

Semester 2
MW 152 Menswear Design II
MW 232 MW Flat Patternmaking Design II
MW 241 Tailoring the Jacket
MW 254 Computer Design I
FA 105 Life Drawing
HA 215 History of Menswear

Semester 3
MW 231 Menswear Flat Patternmaking Design III
MW 251 Menswear Design III
MW 253 Adv. Computer Fashion Design
MW 262 Presentation/Portfolio
FM 202 The Marketing of Menswear

Semester 4
IC 296 AAS Internship B: Career Explor.
MW 221 Digital Art for Menswear
MW 252 Menswear Design IV
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